Industrial Painting

Darwin Painting Services are industrial painting experts. The Territory’s harsh conditions can take their toll on manufacturing and other industrial facilities and equipment.  That’s why it’s essential you use experts who prepare thoroughly and who choose and apply the right products to create a durable finish that will take abuse and last well into the future.

We solve industrial painting challenges.  Our safety-trained teams are qualified and experienced to handle your most challenging projects.  We take on high-risk jobs including those needing mobile elevated work platforms, work on roofs and scaffolding. We enjoy jobs of all sizes, from small graffiti-removal tasks to repainting storage sheds and warehouses.

  • Rust &chemical prevention in line with manufacturers’ detailed paint specifications
  • High-risks works including work requiring licences/qualifications in mobile elevated work platforms, working safely on roofs and scaffolding
  • Pressure washing and soft washing of exterior painted surfaces
  • Application of textures and membrane coatings for building preservation
  • Experts in Membrane coatings to flooring
  • Expertise with two-pack products from leading manufactures

With decades of experience, Darwin Painting Services is a reputable, reliable painting service provider throughout the Territory.  So call in the best.