Roof Restoration

The roof is visually one of the most striking features of your home. It is the first thing noticed about a home when viewed. Concrete tiles, tin, and even Colour bond after about 15 years of weather, begin to show their age. A roof restoration brings a roof back to that new home look. The paint membrane is warranted for 10 years; however most roof restorations provide an enhanced look to your home for much longer than this.

Don’t ignore your roof! The Territory’s conditions can be cruel to metal, concrete or terracotta roofs, and Darwin Painting Services can undo the damage. We can high-pressure clean the roof to remove lichen, moss and dirt, and we can repaint the roof in your choice of colour. We use only premium primers and sealants to provide a waterproof, bacteria-resistant coating guaranteed to perform in extreme weather.

Cool Your Home In Darwin we have some extreme temperatures! Your roof & roof space are heated to levels that effect the overall comfort of your home. By having a roof that doesn't have a heat reflective coating, you are costing yourself extra money on cooling your home! Even a dirty roof absorbs more infra-red rays than a clean roof.

We’re proud of the good, old-fashioned values and quality workmanship of our family business.